Tonight is the night!


Alright Ladies and Matt! Andi is about to meet all of her potential suitors! I’ll just explain a few things to start off though:

  • We have 16 teams, for a total of $320.00! We’re going to award second place with $40.00, so you get to double up your money, and first place will take $280.00! If there is a tie, the money will be split, but hopefully that doesn’t happen! We don’t have any teams that are too similiar!
  • Every Tuesday, this website will be updated, and your current points on your page will reflect your score so far in the season! The points will be tallied up per each guy on the third party website that came up with the points system. If you disagree with any of the points given out, shoot Amanda a text!
  • If you haven’t gotten your money to Amanda, try to do so whenever you see her next!

Thanks for the awesome turnout! Let’s all have fun watching Andi find love. It’ssss okay Andi!

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